Diamonds Are Forever

Ms. Parks most famous role was as the villainous henchwoman Thumper in the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever.

Here is Trina as Thumper.

What can I say about what I consider to be the greatest scene in any James Bond movie? When I first saw Ms. Parks sprawled out on that rock, she captured my heart.
Thumper is beautiful, exotic, athletic, unpredictable, sassy, sexy, dangerous and deadly.
Way to go Trina!!!

New Diamonds Are Forever Footage of Trina Released!

The James Bond Ultimate Collection - Vol. 1 includes new footage of Ms. Parks' scenes as Thumper,
offering some alternate camera angles!

This new release of Diamonds Are Forever also features frame-by-frame restoration!


Behind the scenes pictures from the set of Diamonds Are Forever!

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